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I've been away from home food for so long, and it's really expensive (and not very exciting after a point) to eat out all the time. Also, being a vegetarian cuts a lot out of the menus at most restaurants in the US*  I've been cooking a fair bit for the last couple of years, and I have compiled a few recipes - some found online, some sent from the folks at home, and some from friends. They're all vegetarian, quite easy to make (coz I can make them), and taste great!

You're welcome, all you guys who are away from home right now! ;)

You can find a collection of recipes (that I will try to extend whenever I find something interesting) here.

* I must say it really isn't hard to stay vegetarian in the US - I've done it for 4+ years now, and hell, this country has Vegans (no meat, eggs, milk, cheese or any form of dairy... ) and they get by fine.

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