Food Zone

A collection of places I enjoy eating at (in no particular order):


1) Sakura Teppanyaki and Sushi on Forbes (Squirrel Hill) - Ask for the Chinese menu. The hand shaven noodles and the tofu hot pot are fantastic.

2) Hello Bistro on Forbes (Oakland) - Love the salad bar. The salads are really tasty and very filling.

3) Abay Ethiopian Cuisine (S. Highland Ave) - Slightly pricey but fantastic food.

4) Cuzamil on Murray (Squirrel Hill) - What a mexican place should be like. Large portions of good food at a decent price. The food reminds me of Celia's back at Berkeley.

5) Udupi Cafe (Monroeville) - Yes! Great South Indian food and their Channa Bhattura is off the charts.

6) Gullifty's (Murray Ave) - Pretty good American-Italian food, and great desserts!

7) Porch - I'm a fan of the Pizza Bianca (with figs and all). Less greasy than the other stuff around here, and is half price after 9:30 on weekdays!

8) Dave n Andy's Ice Cream (Oakland) - An all too frequent post dinner guilty pleasure.


1) Cheeseboard on Shattuck - great thin crust veggie pizza, live music, very affordable

2) Zachary's on College or Solano - I simply love their deep dish Chicago style pizza. If you like tomatos and cheese, you'll love this place. The Solano one is typically less crowded and the 18 takes you right outside.

3) Tuk Tuk Thai on Shattuck and Channing (or Haste) - Discovered this right before graduating. I thought it was the best Thai food I've had at Cal. Especially the Paneng curry and the Rad na.

4) Udupi on University Ave - Really good South Indian food (almost all other Indian places are North Indian, and there's a huge difference between the cuisines). I haven't come across anyone (Indian or not) who doesn't love this place. I would even say this is the most authentic tasting Indian food at Cal.

5) Jaykarta on University Ave - Simply amazing Indonesian food, at a great price. The Mie Tek Tek was a hot favorite with my friends.

6) Celias on Euclid - I really like their quesadillas, the fried ice cream and the Horchata and Aqua Fresca. Being a CS major, I was always around Soda Hall and ate here a lot. And this place has the best service in all of Berkeley. The guys there actually know me now and give me free drinks every now and then!

7) Giovanni on Shattuck - Great Italian food and really nice ambience. Maybe a tiny bit on the pricy side, but definitely more affordable than Venezia for example. 

8) Chez Panisse - Probably the most famous (and expensive) restaurant at Cal. Gotta try it once though. The cafe allows you to order what you want, so you could hope to save some $$$ there. When I went, I simply loved the crepes (brocolli and ricotta I think).. one of the only "fancy" places where the food was remarkably better than anywhere else.

9) Bongo Burger - The black bean burger is fantastic. Even certified by non-vegetarians ;)

10) Gypsy's Trattoria Italiano  - Just coz I was addicted to their Calzone Primevera in my first two years at Cal.

11) John's $1 Ice Cream - always a great finish to any meal in the Shattuck/University area. The best one by far is the Praline's and Cream flavor.

12) Fenton's - The best ice cream ever. Cannot go unmentioned!

Big Chains

1) Chipotle - Every so many days, I end up here for a great burrito

2) PF Chang's - Tasty Americanized Chinese food

3) Olive Garden - Why do so many people hate on it? I think it's awesome

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