Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 - A Flashback

By far the most eventful year of my life - 2012 was a year that rang with that old cliche, "Work Hard and Play Hard". 2012 marked the end of the Berkeley saga and opened the curtains on a new phase of life at CMU. 2012 boarded me on about 30 flights and put my footprints in Spain, Canada, London and Amsterdam; not to mention friends from all over the world coming together for a magical reunion right at home in Bangalore. 2012 was magical, and here are some glimpses of the magic!

March 2012
Helped organize the University Mobile Challenge in Barcelona

 and managed to catch a game at Camp Nou!

April - May 2012
Just three of us and the PR2. Switched to a nocturnal routine to finish up the project!

May 2012
Final Adieu to Berkeley. 4 whirlwind years have all led up to this day.

London trip with the parents! This one is outside Westminster Abbey - highlight of the city for me.

And then Amsterdam. Here's me and mom going all Bollywood in the world's largest flower garden at Keukenhof.

Still May 2012!
Rushed back to Berkeley after a week at home to complete my research project. Another week of sleepless nights and then off to Quebec, Canada to present our work at my first ever conference.

June-Aug 2012
Longest break at home in a while! Made even more fun by Berkeley friends visiting Bangalore!

July 2012
Trip to Thekkady, Kerala with two of my best friends. 

August 2012
Time to grow up. Starting a PhD at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.

New housemates, new friends and new colleagues. The first semester is always the most fun

Not to forget the research. Taking a bold new step into Neuroscience and Brain Computer Interfaces


December 2012

Whaa... that was quick! Completed an awesome year and about a tenth of the PhD! Calls for a final hangout with the Bangalore crowd...